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Living in a modern world, with all its advantages, we often forget where we come from and how to take care of our body and mind.

We tend to believe that to be strong and healthy we need either ton of willpower, miracle diet, recent abb-destroyer workout or spend 3 hours a day in a gym!

It couldn’t be farther from the truth!

Intention of “Live Move Enjoy” (LME) is to bring back forgotten basics of human (well) being – spending more time outdoor, in the nature and using natural environment to build stronger, faster, more mobile and resilient human body (and mind).

We believe physically active lifestyle has been the key in our evolution and still should be part of our everyday life!

The 2 main pillars of LME are Active Adventures and Natural Movement practice. They combine everything what we believe is important and missing in today’s world of modern human!

Don’t wait and come to join us, either on our mountain adventures or outdoor natural movement classes.

We’re looking forward to meet you 😉

Matt & Renata